Doritos Beer

doritosI just wanted to take a few minutes and take my hat off (can we dim the lights, please?) to the Doritos ad folks who came up with their beer flavored Doritos commercial. Simply put, it was brilliant. (Clicking the picture will take you to the commercial.)

I am wondering what other favorite foods might profit from being infused with 16 oz of beer?

Perhaps we could have Beer Hot Dogs, thus eliminating the need to occupy both hands at picnics and ball games. This would free up one hand to gesture to your team’s opponents (or if you’re from the Burgh, Harrison, after he commits the STUPIDEST FOUL IN HISTORY) or to signal the beer dog guy that you need another, with extra relish and mustard.

Let’s not ignore the potential health food market. I think that beer infused water would be a big hit with the gym crowd out there! Sure, there are already products like this (Beast comes to mind) but we could infuse this water with 8 essential vitamins to give your workout that extra boost.


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