Nesting is Natural

nestToday I received no fewer than 5 emails that weren’t sent to me specifically, but rather were “notices,” “alerts,” or “FYIs” that had originally been sent to someone else and that someone thought that I’d like to read it.

I suppose that this isn’t really a problem per se except that I’ve developed a habit of not opening nested emails. You know, click once to open the email sent to you. It has no text so you click again to open the original email and find that it has one or two sentences asking you to open yet another email message or ultimately an attachment. Out of curiosity one day I decided to keep opening attachments until I got a real message… ten windows later I was looking at a retirement package seminar advertisement.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I find that I am totally uninterested in whatever might be behind Door #3 and more often than not delete the whole string without ever actually finding out what I’ve won.

At last count, I was responsible for approximately 1,375.258 things in a given workday and while “keeping up to date with interoffice mail” might be one of them I find that it occupies the next to last space on my “to do” list. (Last place being reserved for “making sure female students follow the dress code”)

I understand that as a society we’ve not yet really established an Internet Etiquette, but this is something that we need to address. No longer will we be subjected to other people’s brutal laziness and refusal to cut and paste! NO! We demand an end to Nesting!


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