sad_man1To those who know me, it will be a great shock to you to hear that I don’t have a “personal” blog. There is no place on the internet that reads like a diary about my life. (Unless some adoring students are secretly recording my epic story for the sake of posterity, of course) Partly this is because no one worth talking to wants to hear my epic tale and partly because I don’t want to write it down.

I started the SASS blog because I missed the rapid back-and-forth quips that we used to exchange via email. We can’t do that anymore without that nagging fear that we’ll be caught and chastised by someone wasting time checking email logs for wasting time with email.

I’m sad to say that I’ve become that pathetic 30-something blogger that checks his own site daily to see if anyone liked what he’s written about yesterday’s fantastic ham sandwich. I would be better able to conceal this sad state of affairs if anyone actually posted responses, but sadly this is not the case and I’m slowly beginning to realize that commenting on your own posts is possibly the lowest and least productive form of narcissism out there.

So while I’ll probably continue to check this site daily in the vain hope of validation, I’m going to try and resist the urge to reply to myself, just to increase the number of “visits.” If this downward spiral continues, what’s the next step? A page on Facebook?!


One thought on “Pathetic.

  1. livebait1

    NOOOO WAIT! We’re listening. It may take me the entire month of January to login, but it’s always on my list of things to do. Sadly, S.A.S.S. just isn’t as in your face as the constant flow of emails at work. Don’t give up, and please reply to yourself ~ we would all find that entertaining I’m certain.


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