literatureOne of the annoying things about marrying someone smarter than yourself is that they occasionally have brilliant ideas that never would have occurred to you and force you to admit (again) that you aren’t as smart of you thought you were. In this case, Mrs. Rockwalker (she has so far refused to create her own pseudonym) asked me why I haven’t written a book yet. Of course for most couples this comment would probably take first place in the “Non Sequitor of the Month” contest, but in our house, not only did it not raise any eyebrows, but sparked my question, “What would I write about?”

Mrs. RW had just seen an interview about some fantastic new author who’s best selling work is just about to be made into a movie and was profoundly struck by how ordinary this woman was. Apparently she was a bored mother of three that just started typing one day and now she has an “instant classic” on her hands.

Mrs. RW’s point was that if a perfectly ordinary person could come up with something so well received, then surely someone as un-ordinary as myself could write something just as well liked and quite possibly even have my own movie. (Don’t worry, I won’t insist on a cameo!)

My problem isn’t that I’m against the idea of writing my own “instant classic” as much as I have absolutely no idea what I would write about. Should I write about teaching, the environment, being a father, or fantasy fiction? Should I be ironic, earnest, prophetic, or despairing? In short, what would Literature by RW look like? And who would do my cover art? Any and all suggestions are welcome!


5 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. livebait1

    I thought I’d help you out by throwing your question into cyber space as I often do for these urgent issues. After googling “what should I write my next book about?” I came across a blogging post of a very wise man, the Clerk at Stop N’ Go. He recommends:

    “You should write a book about working class Joes like me who later in life want something better in their lives and don’t know how to start. How can a person with poor education and no contacts in some crap town make something of their life?”

    Certainly in our line of work you’ve been blessed to meet a few individuals like Earl R.

    I’ve got some students that would be very helpful in the editing process of this profound story of rags to riches.
    : )


  2. irishpirate81

    You’ve come to the right place RDubbya. I have so many fantastical story ideas that I’m thinking about changing my name to “Think Tank.” You’ll want to write about something original and off the beaten path. Something no one else has thought of.

    Maybe you could explore the classic battle of man verse nature with a novel that’s racked with symbolism. Maybe, and I’m just throwing ideas out there, you could write about a small fishing village in, say, Cuba where a weathered old fisherman is desperate to catch an enormous fish to save his very life. He catches this marlin and is then pulled out to sea to fight for his life, and his trophy….

    Or perhaps set the stage in Alabama in the ’30’s where a young girl and her brother who, through their neighborhood meanderings and the example of their father, grow to understand that the world isn’t always fair and that prejudice is a very real aspect of their world no matter how subtle it seems. Maybe their father is an honest, hard-working lawyer who fights against racism. And you could throw in some symbolism by using, I don’t know, maybe a bird or something…

    But probably your first opus should be about something you know. So here are some suggestions:
    1. 101 Ways to Annoy and Torment Your Younger Sister
    2. World of Warcraft is Cool, Seriously!
    3. My Slightly Weird Obsession with Bicycles
    4. Hug a Tree

    Hope that helps!


  3. rockwalker

    And I’m wounded! Literally cut to the quick and bleeding over here! Does everyone see the venom and spite people throw my way unprovoked and undeserved?

    Well that does it, the IrishPirate can forget about getting advanced copies or being invited to the screening party!


  4. rockwalker

    Oh I didn’t say that they weren’t good ideas, but of course I’d never admit any such thing out loud where SHE could hear…. Then I’d never hear the end of it!


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