It’s a hoodie!

hoodieCarteret County is about as far from the “urban scene” as one can get without magically gaining the ability to breathe underwater. And yet in spite of this fact, I have seen a recent explosion in the population of skull caps, brimmed knit hats, oversized jackets, and hoodies. Even though I’ve informed several students that the early 90’s called and wants its gear back, no one around here seems to catch on.

What is the attraction with looking like you’ve just escaped from jail, shaken down a homeless person that weighed roughly 400 lbs and taken their clothes? I simply don’t understand. Even relatively intelligent students are rocking the hoodie 4/5 days a week, usually with some designer skater logo on it. (BTW, a friend of mine once famously said, “Skateboarding was cool in jr. high and even then it wasn’t that cool.”) As a teen of the 90’s (let it go, old people) I don’t even have it in me to address the irony of “designer skater logo.”

Who do these kids think they’re kidding? If they met any of the people they are emulating, they would pee right into their ridiculously overpriced baggy jeans. Do you think I’m exaggerating? (I’ve been accused of this before!) In the walk down the hallway to my classroom, I passed roughly 200 students …. 6 of them did NOT have a hood and two of those were wearing hats (off center, of course).

Some days I would like nothing more than to point and laugh at the hundreds of posers trying to be “skreet,” but I seriously doubt that such behavior would go over well with our fearless leaders. This is, after all the Era of Acceptance.


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