It’s not about you.

beerBreak out the trumpets and send out the heralds! Knock out the bungs and let flow the jubilous libations! Let every free citizen declaim in a loud voice! Today is a New Day! Once again we have reaffirmed our faith that free people from all walks of life can peaceably choose a new leader without hateful rhetoric, baseless accusations, actual bloodshed! It would appear that unless we are overruled by the Supreme Court, Americans have chosen Barack Obama as our next President of the United States!

I am annoyed.

Not so much at the choice of candidate, but by the inane babble I had to listen to on the radio this morning discussing HOW he was able to win. Apparently Mr. Obama was able to win because he 1. raised more money, 2. convinced minorities that their votes would actually be counted this time, and 3. ran an impressive “get out and vote” campaign. … I’m sorry, what?!

At NO POINT did any of the talking heads I watched or listened to last night or this morning discuss any of the strategies, talking points, or promises made by any candidate, much less refer to them as possible reasons for their success. Have we become so jaded as to actually dismiss the platforms of our politicians as irrelevant to their abiilty to be elected? Does it really come down to a game of Who’s More Popular?

Does anyone else find this annoying and insulting? We are thinking individuals who spent countless hours poring over reports (reading flyers) and listening to speeches (TV ads) so that we might be well informed (you betcha!) about which candidates’ viewpoints most closely squares with our own. And what is the end result of all of our hard work? We’re treated to blathering inanities about which candidate was most photogenic (Nader, hands down)!

So celebrate, huddled masses! You have chosen a new president! He didn’t win because of his ideas, goals, or dreams for this country, no he won because he duped more people than the other guy! Congratulations!

I need a beer.


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