Sedated Gigabytes

Yesterday our email system decided to take a vacation.  I’m pleased to report that I’m also enjoying this vacation.  These past 2 days without email in our 21st century school have been so pleasant.  I hadn’t realized how much email impacts me on a day-to-day basis.  It’s amazing.! I went home yesterday and wasn’t stressed; no after school headache, no snapping at the spouse upon entry, no dragging my feet when it came time to walk the dog.  Today, I had to communicate with someone, so I actually walked across the building and exchanged non-virtual words!  How quaint

What made yesterday even more special was that I had lost my keys.  However embarrassing it is to lose a set of keys…it was worth it.  I couldn’t get into my confidential filing cabinets, so I was not able to: complete paperwork, enter paperwork into the computer database, receipt $, or lend out pencils to ill-prepared students.   What else is one to do when there is no computer-work nor paperwork to be completed? …Vote, get a flu shot, have a cup of coffee and an asiago cheese bagel, go to the bank…

Any way we can sabotage the system on a continuous basis?


2 thoughts on “Sedated Gigabytes

  1. rockwalker

    I can’t remember who said it, but a favorite quote of mine has always been, “If time saving devices actually saved time, we’d be the most leisured people in history.” The fact is that you can’t save time, only spend it. To prove this point, an overworked and underappreciated employee could (hypothetically!) upload a virus into the email system and cause it to crash for a few days.

    Not that I would ever do that, of course! I wouldn’t even know what kind of virus (trojan horse) would be the most effective! Plus, I am way to busy (4th period planning) to bug the email system in the middle of the afternoon!

    But it was very nice not to have to sort through dozens of messages that don’t pertain to me, or would pertain to me if I cared.

    BTW, feel free to pick us all up some coffee and bagels the next time you duck out… If you don’t bring enough to share with everyone, you can’t have it in class!


  2. livebait1

    Now let’s not be rash… We can’t have a rogue virus.
    How would we blog?
    What we need is a very systematic approach that would only knock off those elements we deemed expendable.
    Or I guess I could try the walking/talking thing again.
    Decisions, decisions…


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