The BIG W’s

This morning I received the following response from one of our leaders in an instantaneous fashion to my cheerleader-like email expressing some scheduling conflicts.

“Please let me know who, when, and where this collaboration will take place. You’ll need to complete the same meeting log and submit to me following your meeting. Thank you so much, _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

I found this irritating at first, then my emotions moved more towards anger, but since this morning I have grown and am now able to see the humor in this situation. It occurs to me that in order to collaborate in an effective manner, for the betterment of educating our youth (of course),  it behooves us to communicate in that same effective manner.  The BIG W’s being What, Who, and Where communicated a micro-managerial tone in an abruptly curt email.  This might not seem ironic to some, but it seriously was in response my “I love this idea!”

There.  It’s out there.  I can’t take it back.  I actually was expressing an interest – no an appreciation for one of our (many) leaders’ ideas.  So much for that road to collaboration via communication.

I’m happy to report that after some brilliant advice from nerosremorse.  I responded to this leader and cc:’d the the leader’s leader.  Never have I received an email that I would consider groveling from anyone.

Thanks nerosremorse!  Just one step closer to redemption for you!!!


5 thoughts on “The BIG W’s

  1. rockwalker

    First, let’s congratulate livebait (is it ok if I leave off the “1” for stylistic reasons? Can we consider it a nickname?) on being the second author to contribute to SASS! Huzzah!

    Now I don’t even need to be told which Fearless Leader sent you that email because I have experienced the “email tone” as well. “Submit to me”… You will be assimilated! How extremely unfortunate for them that they hit two members of SASS in a row? (Of course I’m artlessly using plural pronouns in an attempt to disguise the Fearless Leader’s sex… relax, english teachers)

    And wasn’t it nice of our Fearless Leaders to announce the collaborative project idea as if it was their own? I thought so, too. Some of our SASS infiltrators to the Inner Council might recall things differently, but then again they might not have been awake at that point and missed it.


  2. nerosremorse59

    Livebait, thanks for putting another plank in my road to redemption! Nice post. You should quote from the groveling email just so we can enjoy.


  3. livebait1

    Here ya go Nero,
    Thanks again for the strategy!

    “I think that is a wonderful idea. I didn’t feel that you didn’t want to participate. I completely understand that we have a variety of extra curriculars placed upon us. I just needed to know who and when for accountability purposes. Sorry for any confusion. 🙂 “


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