WTF, America? – RockWalker ’16

I have decided that I am going to run for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Technically I’ll be old enough to run in the 2012 elections, but my wife and I feel that the kids will still be too young for all that celebrity. I realize that the 2016 elections are still a long way off, but if there is one thing we’ve learned this year it’s that one can’t start campaigning too early!

The reason that I have decided to run is that everyone I know seems to unanimously agree that I should not be put in charge of anything that requires planning, forethought, or maturity; which rules out the PTA, all Varsity sports, and the Annual Bake Sale. That only leaves President of the United States.

I have decided to run as an unaffiliated candidate because I’m following in the footsteps of George Washington. Well that, and neither of the national parties would have me. Who would have thought there were entrance requirements?!

I don’t have a political ideology, so I think I’m pretty well set there. As for a campaign slogan, “WTF America?” sums it up rather nicely and I think that it’s a statement that everyone can really get behind.

At this time I’m looking for ideas for speaking engagements. If you have any topics you would like to see me tackle, chime in! I’m also looking for folks to work with me on the campaign, so if anyone has a free afternoon or two I could really use help making some posters… I have enough glue sticks, I think.


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