Prep Rally!

I’ve been working here for a while and I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend with regards to our school spirit. Specifically I’ve noticed that our students’ attempts at school spirit are lame. I’ve never been one to wave pompoms and cheer on the team, but even conscientious objectors at my high school found deliquent ways of showing school spirit. I daresay some of their antics would make these preppy wannabes blush, scuff their feet, and look sheepish. Or even worse, they’d think it was a great idea and go ask permission!

Why aren’t the principals’ automobiles wrapped in school colors with “Beat ___!” slogans? When was the last time mascot effigies were hung in the hallways? Spontaneously chanted limericks in the cafeteria? Hay dropped off for the opposing team’s cheerleaders?

Still, I suppose that all is not lost. As I understand it our students will attempt to mock our rivals by dressing like drunken versions of their mascot (so far, so good) and throw fish (getting warmer) at each other! (never mind)

We have fallen pretty far from the good old days of ’96. Kids these days almost need an anti-mentor. Someone to help them channel their disdain for organized cheering into proper passive-aggressive demonstrations. I mean, what’s even the point of making banners if you can’t attach them to the visiting team’s bus?


2 thoughts on “Prep Rally!

  1. livebait1

    the high school world needs to have people like rockwalker in positions of influence. how can we get you to further develop your theory and unite a militia???


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