Monday, Monday! So good to Me!

While this sentiment by the greatest singer/songwriter of this (or any) generation, might well apply to any Monday, I think that it might have been written just for today. Today is the First Day of School! It’s that magical time when shining young faces gather together to bask in the glory of our knowledge in the hopes that they may one day, if they’re lucky, be as smart as we are!

Because the magic of the First Day of School happens only once a year, I wanted to share some of my brightest moments with you all. I’m sure you’ll find these exchanges as heartening and inspiring as I did! Let’s start with early this morning in the parking lot as I was cheerfully reminding parents that they were driving the wrong way.

Student: “What’s that smell, dude?”

Me: “It’s called morning!”

Once I got into class I decided to play a little game where the students talk a little bit about their hobbies in order to give me something to help remember their names by:

Me: “Ok, why don’t you tell me something that you like to do?”

Student: “Sleep.”

Me: “Does that qualify as a hobby?”

Student: “It’s what I got.”

And lastly, did anyone think that I’d actually get through a day without:

Student: “Can I go to the bathroom?”

3 Cheers for Monday and the First Day of School!


One thought on “Monday, Monday! So good to Me!

  1. irishpirate81

    Top five things I never thought I’d hear from Mr. Rockwalker:
    5. “Magical”
    4. “Bask in the glory of knowledge”
    3. “Heartening and inspiring”
    2. “Cheerfully reminding parents.” and….
    1. “Neil Diamond is the best singer/songwriter of this or any generation” — which by the way he is.

    Now I’m no teacher, but I have to think that after the first day of school, the Neil Diamond song that would most resonate is “Thank the Lord for the night time, and forget the day…”


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