Party like it’s 1984!

It’s a really good thing that we all read George Orwell as students because if we hadn’t we might have blindly stumbled into a version of his world without ever realizing it. Now we know what to watch for and we can march proudly toward his vision of the future confident of the end result. Our new and improved email system is another brave step towards improving the teaching in Carteret County.

It wasn’t very long ago at all that teachers were using email to trade jokes, interesting ideas, and off-beat humor via their work email accounts. Sometimes they even did this during their planning periods! Well, I for one agree that it is about time we put an end to these shenanigans. We are paying our teachers to educate our children, not enjoy themselves.

I have heard some whining about how folks feel that changing our email system to a more convoluted web version that does exactly the same thing as the old one is unnecessarily complicated and stressful; but to those people I say that you should be thankful that our central office can read our email because how else will they discover what we’re making for dinner tonight?


3 thoughts on “Party like it’s 1984!

  1. irishpirate81

    “The 2005 Web@Work survey suggests that surfing the web may be more addictive than coffee. Fifty-two percent of employees surveyed who use the internet at work for personal reasons stated that they would rather give up their morning java than internet access at work, while only 44% would give up their internet access for coffee.” Email or Coffee? Talk about a Sophie’s Choice!


  2. rockwalker

    Apparently the IrishPirate is addicted to both… Blogging in the middle of the workday and with hands so shaky she clicked on the wrong blog post!

    (At least I hope the Pirate was trying to comment on SASS being moved to the internet because if not then she is the Queen of Nonsequitors!)


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