Welcome to the Smart Ass Secret Society!

Sometimes life is so ridiculous or outrageous that you have but two options: laugh or cry. Crying is all well and good, but it can really make people uncomfortable. So SASS recommends laughing, chuckling, or even snorting (occasionally) as a preferable alternative.

We used to carry out our mission of sharing wit and humor in person and through email, but our overseers have begun frowning rather pointedly at us and it made us feel like fat kids discovered with candy in our pockets. So we’ve retreated even further to the blogosphere and here hope to make our stand. The question remains open as to who will contribute to this blog, but I’m hoping that even if no one is brave enough to offer their own posts, folks will contribute comments.

Laugh and world laughs with you, but if you pee your pants you’re on your own.


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